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ADHD & Stress Counselling | Joanne Fitzgerald Therapy

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Tailored Support for Difficulties with Work or Study

At Joanne Fitzgerald Therapy, we specialise in offering targeted and compassionate assistance for individuals facing challenges in their work or academic pursuits.

Whether it's chronic stress, burnout, situational stress, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or another challenge relating to your work or study, our tailored counselling and behaviour therapy options can help to reduce stress, better manage stress, overcome barriers and improve your physical health and wellbeing.

Each challenge in the spheres of work or study is unique, and our mission is to support you in overcoming these obstacles, paving the way for success and balance in your professional and academic life.
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Understanding Work and Study Difficulties

Challenges in work or study can be multifaceted and may range from stress, burnout, and time management issues to deeper rooted problems like imposter syndrome or fears of failure. Such difficulties can arise from:

  • High-pressure environments
  • Balancing multiple responsibilities
  • Coping with feedback or criticism
  • Personal expectations and perfectionism
  • External expectations or pressures
  • The challenges faced by diagnosed or undiagnosed ADHD, sleep issues, or a physical or mental health condition

Our interventions are structured and tailored, ensuring a bespoke approach to cater to each individual's distinct needs.

ADHD and Work or Study Issues

At Joanne Fitzgerald Therapy, we offer stress counselling and behaviour therapy for those with and without ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) struggling with challenges related to work or study.

If you have received an ADHD diagnosis or suspect you may have ADHD, you may experience higher levels of stress and frustration around work and/or study, due to some of the challenges associated with ADHD symptoms.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can present unique challenges in work and study environments. Individuals with ADHD may experience difficulties with focus, time management, and sustaining attention on tasks, which can impact their productivity and success in these areas. Recognising these challenges is the first step towards finding effective solutions.

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We offer ADHD Counselling for Work, Study And Stress Management

At Joanne Fitzgerald Therapy, we understand the complexities ADHD adds to the work and study equation. We also understand the positives and strengths that the personality traits of those with ADHD have. We are here to help you improve the elements that will make the biggest difference to reducing stress and achieving success at work and study and learn how to use your strengths to your best advantage.

We do this by offering specialised ADHD counselling, stress counselling for ADHD, and ADHD therapy options, like our behavioural therapy for ADHD.

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How ADHD Counselling and Behaviour Therapy for ADHD Can Help chronic stress and mental health

Our ADHD counselling services are designed to offer specialised support, helping our clients to navigate these challenges with strategies tailored to their unique needs.

These ADHD-specific therapy options can help reduce stress symptoms, better manage stress levels, introduce relaxation techniques to regain control in times of acute stress, and improve your overall wellbeing, mental health and stress levels.

Behaviour Therapy for ADHD

Behaviour therapy is a highly effective ADHD stress treatment strategy, focusing on modifying negative behaviours and developing positive coping mechanisms.

Behaviour therapy for ADHD involves:

  • Setting specific, achievable goals.
  • Using rewards and consequences to guide behaviour changes.
  • Developing organisational strategies to manage daily tasks and responsibilities more effectively.
  • Training in the skills and communication which will help set you up for success in work and study environments.
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Our Approach

To Work, Study and Stress Counselling and Therapy (for those with and without ADHD)

Our therapeutic strategies are bespoke and designed keeping in mind the unique needs of each individual facing work or study challenges.

We utilise evidence-based therapies, such as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to address the particular challenges associated with work and study.

1. Assessment and Goal Setting

Initially, we delve deep to understand the root causes of the difficulties, setting clear and achievable objectives tailored to each individual's aspirations and growth areas.

2. Skill Development

We focus on building essential skills such as time management, stress reduction, effective stress management, effective communication, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and building resilience, to help clients thrive in demanding environments whilst protecting their emotional wellbeing.

3. Emotional and Cognitive Interventions

Understanding the mental barriers is key. We help individuals challenge limiting beliefs, cope with stress, and identify any lifestyle changes needed to manage work-study-life balance more effectively and change negative patterns that may be compounding stress levels.

4. Strategies for Success

Guiding clients to develop effective strategies for studying, managing workloads, or handling workplace dynamics and other stressful work or study life situations, ensuring they are equipped for sustained success.

5. Networking and Support Systems

Promoting the importance of a healthy support system, be it colleagues, mentors, or peers, to foster a conducive environment for growth and learning.

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Stress Counselling for
Work and Study

Stress can significantly impact anyone, regardless of what is causing the stress. We offer stress counselling for a variety of stressors, however work and study related stress are some of the most common. Our stress counselling services are designed to help clients manage and mitigate the effects of high or chronic stress related to work or study. Our stress management counselling involves:

Building Stress Management Techniques

Learning effective ways to manage stress, including relaxation techniques, exercise, and time management skills.

Understanding Stress Triggers

Identifying and addressing the sources of stress in work or study environments.

Building Resilience

Strengthening emotional and mental resilience to cope with stress and recover from setbacks.

Supportive Stress Counselling

Offering a supportive space to discuss challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.

Helping Those With and Without Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Better Manage Work and Study Related Stress

Our ADHD counselling and Stress Therapy aim to help you develop a toolkit to better manage stress in the future. We're here to help you achieve these positive goals together for your ongoing well being and happiness.

"Turn challenges into stepping stones towards your success in work and academics."

– Joanne Fitzgerald

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About Joanne Fitzgerald

Joanne Fitzgerald, with her extensive experience as a psychotherapist and counsellor, brings a nuanced understanding of the complexities faced by individuals in their work or academic spheres.

With a foundation built on solid qualifications and a genuine dedication to holistic mental health, Joanne creates a haven where clients can openly discuss and navigate their challenges related to work and study.

Her approach is rooted in the belief that everyone can harness their innate strengths to overcome challenges and thrive in their chosen fields.

Ready to Tackle Your Challenges in Work or Study with Stress Counselling and/or ADHD Behavioural Therapy?

No matter how insurmountable your work or study difficulties may seem, there's a way through. Together, we will strategise, build skills, and cultivate a mindset that propels you towards your goals and aspirations. With effective stress management strategies, behaviour therapy and the combined treatment of a healthy mind, you can not only overcome your chronic stress but thrive.

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